Intermezzo I - 




In the first release some of the files (i.e. those with extension .squ) were in Cakewalk .wrk format and therefore illegible without Cakewalk software. In response to public demand, all the files have now been converted to true MIDI (Format 1) Format. 

Although some formatting information had to be sacrificed it was felt that this change would make the collection available to a wider audience. The sizes of the affected files are therefore some 25% smaller than the figures quoted in the listings.

Do not be fooled by the retention of the original file-name extensions .squ and .kpp. This is merely a ruse to prevent downloaded raw MIDI files being automatically routed to  an inadequate sequencer - such as Windows Media Player.

Of course, if one insists, the files can be played by WMP and suchlike, notwithstanding their non-standard extensions. Simply enter a * in the file-name slot of the sequencer's browser window, and the display will show all files in the chosen directory. The sequencer will play MIDI files regardless of the extension.

Alternatively rename the downloaded files using Windows explorer to change *.squ to *.mid.

Should anyone experience difficulties or encounter anomalies in file download I'd be grateful to be informed quickly, so that the problem can promptly be resolved.


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