Intermezzo II - Microsound's



Its creator, Dr Manfred Clynes, has generously given me leave to quote his clarification of some of the many music editorial facilities offered by 'Super Conductor'.


"1. 'Super Conductor' includes original scores  for all the 240 pieces together with all the "indications for phrasing, dynamics, tempo that the composer has given in the score.

"2. It has editing capacity from notated music one voice at a time (in the single note editor). 
"There, you can change the note names, change a rest into a note and vice versa, you can legato "or staccato a note variably, you can lengthen a note, you can pitch change and pitch bend notes, "and delay or advance them, all while seeing the note image, (i.e. score) of that voice, and "switch easily into other voices in the same pieces, comparing the voices in that way. 
"So when you say that editing is done from event lists, this is only when using the other editor.

"3. Phrasing in 'Super Conductor' is enhanced by the phrasing marks introduced in the editor. "These consist of small staccatos at the end of phrases only, an important feature. They are "adjustable in length  globally, as well individually, through the editor, as well as singly through "the single note editor. MIDI flies need to have those short phrasing staccatos entered to "produce fine results.  They appear in the single note editor of course.

"This treatment of phrasing, having phrasing marks at the end of phrases only_, is part of the "special, and unique,  technology of 'Super Conductor', that helps to make fine music.


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