The Types of composition available for each composer are classified as either String Quartets (SQ), or Keyboard Plus (KP). The  number of compositions of each type in the collection follows in brackets.  Please select the type of composition for the desired composer by clicking on the appropriate link.


BACH  Johann Sebastian   KP  (8)
BEETHOVEN  Ludvig von SQ   (17) KP  (14)
BRAHMS Johannes SQ   (3) KP  (7)
DEBUSSY Claude SQ   (1)  
DVORAK Antonin SQ   (3) KP   (1)
ELGAR Edward   KP   (1)
FAURÉ Gabriel   KP   (1)


KP   (1)
HAYDN  Joseph SQ   (44)  
MOZART  Wolfgang Amadeus SQ   (10)  
RAVEL Maurice SQ   (1)  
SCHUBERT Franz SQ   (6)  
SCHUMANN Robert SQ   (3) KP  (1)


alternatively....... archived files by composer by clicking on names in leftmost column.

Each file is a self-extracting 'WinZip' .exe file containing all the site's MIDI files for each composer or  group.

First create an empty  new folder on your hard disk. When downloading a window will appear asking whether you wish to execute the file as it stands, or save it to disk. Save to disk, navigating to the new folder you have created. After download is complete, use Start/Run and navigate to the downloaded .exe file. Run it. A large set of midi files will then be created in your new folder. Each is one movement of a composition.

Worried about running downloaded .exe files? Confident about dismantling .zip files? Click on the 'Z' links in the rightmost column. Zip files are about 40Kb smaller than corresponding .exe files.

File names consist of up to 5 parts:-

Composer prefix (see column 3 below)

Opus, or K number, or serial number, or key of composition

If  one of a set with same opus number letter 'n' & set number

If more than one movement letter 'm' & movement number

.squ (for string quartets), or .kpp (for keyboard + instrument(s) pieces) 


Composer(s) :  self-extracting .exe Size File name prefix  .zip 
Bach ~130 Ba                         Z
Beethoven ~719 Be  Z
Brahms ~260


Debussy, Elgar, Fauré, Frank, Ravel ~164 De,El,Fa,Fr,Ra  Z
Dvorak ~138 Dv  Z
Haydn ~590 H  Z
Mozart ~213 MK  Z
Schubert, Schumann ~237 Sb, Sm  Z

~nn is the approximate file size in kilo-bytes


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